7.30 Schedules & Attendance: Bulk Create Shifts using the Quick Shift Tool

Updated May 08, 2020

The Quick Shift Tool is the toolbar located above the scheduling grid. This tool allows you to quickly create shifts in bulk. For each position or post, use the Quick Shift Tool to create the recurring shifts for the template.

Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. From the drop-down menu Choose a Position and select the post/position where the shifts are to be scheduled. Example patrol zone, law enforcement, civilian officer, etc. 
  2. In the next field, add the time range for the shifts.  Note: The shift time field supports both AM/PM and 24 hr. time formats. Add a comma between the shifts times to add more than one shift at the same time. Example: 04:00-13:00,12:30-21:30.
  3. Enter the duration of unpaid breaks for the shifts. 
  4. If multiple shifts are to be created, enter the number of shifts to create for the times listed above.  Note: This is effective when multiple officers are to be scheduled at the same time at the same site and post. Select the days of the week these shifts are to be scheduled.
  5. Click the ADD button.

The shifts will now appear as unassigned shifts.

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