7.1 Sites: Creating Sites

Updated Aug 19, 2020

To access the list of sites, click on the tile labeled Sites (Client).

Features such as adding, removing and modifying sites will vary according to your permission level.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

From the List All Sites page click on New Site.

Complete the fields to add the new site.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Account Type: 

Multi-site: This is a Parent Site. This site has sub-sites child sites linked to it.

Site: This is a child site linked to a multi-site. When creating a site, an additional field will be displayed to associate the site to an already existing Parent.

Client: A stand-alone site with no association to a multi or any other site.

Company Information: Company name, the unique ID of the site, the site’s time zone and preferred language. 

Main Contact: Enter the contact information for the site. 

Note: The email address must be unique across the portal.

Address: Enter the address of the site. 

Note: A complete, accurate address will ensure proper geo-coding.

Zones: Assign the new site to an existing zone.

Employee Relations: Enter the names of your employees who are responsible for this customer’s account.

Other/Custom Fields: Optional fields where you can tag the site, enter a client website, birthday, prefix, or any remarks pertaining to the client.

Click on the Save button to save the site. It will now appear on the List All Sites page.

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