5.9 How to View Completed Checkpoint Tours (Tour Reports)

Updated Jun 10, 2020

Each time a Checkpoint tour is completed, the system will automatically generate a summary of the tour. The history of completed Tours can be accessed in the ''Patrol Tours'' section of the ''Operation Reports'' tab.

Accessing List of Completed Patrol Tours

Patrol reports are automatically created every time an officer performs a tour. The completed Patrol Reports are available in the Patrol Tours section of the Operation Reports tab.

  1. Click on ''Operation Reports'' from the Live Dashboard.
  2. Select ''Patrol tours'' from the left-hand side menu.

Patrol Tours Information Columns

  1. Tour: The name of the Tour that was completed.
  2. Account: The Site at which the Tour was completed.
  3. Employee: The Employee that completed the Tour.
  4. Result: The number of Checkpoints that were scanned while completing the Tour VS the total number of Checkpoints that are part of the Tour.
  5. Start Time: The date & time that the Employee started the Tour.
  6. End Time: The time that the Employee ended the Tour.
  7. Duration (min): The duration in minutes that it took for the Employee to start & end the Tour.
  8. PDF: Clicking on the PDF button will generate a PDF version of the Tour Report in a separate pop-up tab.
  9. Email: Click on the Email button will allows you to email the PDF version of the Tour Report.
  10. View Tour Session: Allows you to view the Tour Report.
  11. Delete Tour Session: Clicking this option will archive/delete the Tour Report from your records.

Viewing the Tour Session

The Patrol Report will show the name of the officer, start/end time, name of the location and also the name of the tour in the top table. 

  1. Timeline: Below the top table you will see a timeline of the tour. Each of the letters in the timeline matches to the list of checkpoints below.
  2. Checkpoint List: A list of all the Checkpoints included in the Tour assigned to a letter.

Note: Any missed checkpoints will be highlighted in the list.

  1. Tour Details: At the bottom of the page you will find the Tour Details. The Tour Details include the date & time stamps of each scanned Checkpoint as well as any information captured as part of the Exception Verification questions (If applicable).
  2. Comments: This area allows for anyone who has access to this page to leave comments or notes for others to see and observe.
  3. Print (PDF): This button allows you to generate a PDF version of the Tour Report in a separate pop-up tab.
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