Where can I find help?

Updated May 16, 2020

Your in-portal TrackTik Help Center is a central hub for guided walkthroughs, self onboarding, and support tips. The built-in search functionality is referencing TrackTik University manuals and user guides.

Get Access to:

  • In-Portal Walkthrough Content: A real-time guided walkthrough for the most common and highlighted features within your Portal.
  • TrackTik Help Center: A central hub for any documentation and references we would need to communicate with our clients. 
  • TrackTik University: TrackTik University is your central repository for all our client-facing support documentation. 
  • Open a Ticket: Your client support portal to report critical issues to our Support team. (sign-up required)

Please note walkthrough content may be restricted based on the user role set by your portal admin. 

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