5.10 Operations Reports: Viewing Summary Reports

Updated Nov 02, 2020

Follow the steps below to view and work with summary reports.

  1. Select the Operations Reports tab.
  2. Select Summary by Shift. A list of existing shift reports will appear.

The date filter allows you to select preset filters or select a custom range.

The employee filter allows you to view a list of reports by employee.

Employee: The first and last name of the employee

Location: Site or zone with which the report is associated.

Reports: Number of reports filed by the employee during the shift.

Videos: Recorded by the employee during the shift.

Checkpoints: Checkpoints required vs. checkpoints scanned during the shift.

Start: Start date and time of the shift.

End: End date and time of the shift. This field will show the status if the report is presently Open and a time stamp if complete.

Tracks: View the employee’s GPS tracks for the shift. 

Download: Download a copy of the shift report.

View: Open the report in the browser.

Actions: Several options that can be applied to the selected report:

  • Approve All Shift Reports -- all shifts to be approved
  • Send Shift Report by Email -- forward report as an email attachment
  • Delete this shift (Will also delete the time logs) -- Delete the selected shift
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