5.2 Sites: Assigned Employees

Updated Aug 20, 2020

Assign Employees To Sites

Assign employees to the site under the Assigned Employees tab.

Click the "Assign Employee" button to assign an employee to the site.

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Filter by Skills: Begin typing a skill to filter employees.

Select Employee: Begin typing an employee’s name to assign the employee to the site.

Start Date: Select the employee’s start date at the site.

Click Save to Save to assign the employee.

Assign Employees In Bulk

Select the sites to whom you would like to assign the bulk change and click the Bulk Change button.

You can also assign employees to sites in bulk. Follow the steps below to do so.

To bulk assign employees to sites, zones or departments, select the Assign To Site or Zone option and click Save.

Begin typing the name of the site, zone or department to which you would like to assign the employees. Select the entity from the list and click Save.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Confirm that you would like to apply the changes by clicking Save.

You will receive a message that the operation succeeded. Click the save button to complete the operation.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

For more information on bulk assigning multi-site employees to sub-sites, please see this article.

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