5.1 Sites: Options

Updated Aug 19, 2020

Once you have created the site, you will find several options available to manage it.

Edit: Edit information such as address, contact person, phone number etc. You can edit the information you entered when you created the site.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Close Account: This option allows to close a site as of a specific date, terminate a position, or terminate contracts.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

When you close an account, you have the following options:

  • Terminate Site (And all contracts): Use this option to close the site and end any contracts at the site.
  • Terminate One Or More Positions: This option allows you to end one or more than one positions and keep the site option. If you select the option, you will be prompted to select the positions you wish to terminate.
  • Terminate One Or More Contracts: Leave the site open, and terminate one or more contracts. You will be prompted to select the contract or contracts you would like to terminate.
  • Last Day Of Service: Select the last day of service for the site, contracts or positions.

Click the Save button and confirm the action.

Geocode: Geocode the site for accurate tracking of your guards. Drop the pin, or enter the longitude and latitude manually.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Prepare Schedule: Used with TrackTik's scheduling module. Clicking this button opens the schedule view to allow you to schedule shifts.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Dispatch Settings: Used with the Mobile Suite module. Select a service level agreement and/or designate the site as a Master Dispatch Organization.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
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