4.11 HR & Payroll: Ad-hoc Earnings or Deductions

Updated May 08, 2020

Ad-hoc Earnings and Deductions can be added in the employee HR Profile under the section Ad-hoc Earnings or Ad-hoc Deductions. ​ Create ad-hoc items to pay bonuses, sick days and other earnings/deductions that are not shift driven. ​

Before adding ad hoc earnings or deductions, you must ensure the pay code has been created. Refer to the section about pay codes for more information.

Follow the paths below to add ad hoc earnings or deductions.

Employees > Select an Employee > HR Profile > Adhoc Earnings

Employees > Select an Employee > HR Profile > Adhoc Deductions

Click on Create New Item or Create New Deduction.

Fill in the fields to set up the required ad-hoc items for your employee.

Any ad hoc earnings or deductions will be included in the payroll-ready data when you run it.

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