4.1 Employees: Modifying and Managing Employees

Updated Aug 20, 2020

Once employees have been created, you have several options available to modify and manage the employee.

Change Password: Update the employee’s password for the portal and/or mobile application.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Force Password Change: Require the user to change their password the next time they log in.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Snap Picture: Take a picture with the computer’s camera, then incorporate the picture in a badge.

Terminate: Terminate the employee effective immediately, or, as of a certain date.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

ID Card: Create and print an ID card for the employee.

Tracks: View the employee’s GPS tracks.

HR Profile: Some features in this button work with TrackTik’s Scheduling module. Others include viewing and managing skills and attributes and assigned sites and departments.

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