3.50 Employees: Additional Employee Information

Updated Sep 02, 2020

In the employee's profile, you will also find information on the sites the employee is assigned to, documents attached to the employee's file and emergency contact information.

For these options, you can find more information in the following sections of this chapter:

Assigned Sites: View a list of sites to which the employee is assigned. To assign the employee to a new site, click the "Assign To Site" button.

Site Bans: Ban an employee from working at a site.

Note: Banning a user removes the guard from any scheduled shifts at the site effective as of the date of the ban

Emergency Contacts: View a list of the employee's emergency contacts.

Notes on Employee: View or add notes in the employee's file.

Notes by Employee: View notes that the employee has entered.

Documents: View, add or delete documents from the employee's file.

Availabilities: Works with the TrackTik scheduling module. See when the employee is available for shifts.

Work Exception: Works with the TrackTik scheduling module. View exceptions that have occurred during an employee's scheduled shifts. Examples include when employees' meal or rest breaks deviate from scheduled times.

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