3.46 Onsite: Message Board

Updated Dec 05, 2020

Articles where "onsite" appears in the heading, and that describe onsite license functionality require an onsite license to be usable.

You will have access to the site message board when you access the system using an onsite license. The message board features you have access to will vary according to your permission level.

To access the message board, click the Message Board tab from within the site.

Post A New Message

To post a new message, click the Post Message button and fill out the fields.

Message Category: Select from Announcement, Be On The Lookout (B.O.L.O), Procedure Change Memo, General Message and Weather Alert.

Message: Write you message in this field.

Available To: Start typing the name of an employee or employees to make the message available only to them. If blank, the message will be available to all users.

Publish Date: Select the date on which the message will become available to users.

Expiry Date: The date as of which the message will no longer be available to users.

Status: Select from Actual (current), Draft, or Completed.

Picture: Select a picture to attach to the message.

Attachment: Select a file to attach to the message.

View Messages

There are a number of filtering options available when you view messages.

  1. Filter by message type.
  2. Filter by Active, Unacknowledged, Acknowledged, Acknowledged and Archived, and All Messages, Including Archived Ones.
  3. View current messages, or both current and future messages.
  4. Filter by other criteria.

Additional Options

Acknowledge: Click this button to acknowledge the message.

Read: Hover over this button to view a list of employees who have read the message. Note: The employee who wrote the message will automatically be listed as having read the message.

Edit: Click this button to edit the message.

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