3.10 Sites: Positions

Updated Dec 01, 2020

Positions describe what you pay the guard to do. They can be created at the site or the zone level. Positions are required to create a device license and/or to start building your schedules. Positions in TrackTik allow administrators to set rules for the position including site requirements, and settings for additional TrackTik modules.

To create a position, launch the Site or Zone where the position will be created:

Select the Positions tab.

Click the Create a Position button.

An Edit window will pop up, enter a name, hard, soft or conditional requirements for this position and a start date. These are the only settings required for Guard Tour setup. The other fields refer to optional TrackTik modules.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Fill out the fields. If you are not using TrackTik for scheduling or billing, you are only required to enter a position name.

Post Name: The name of the position.

Post ID (Optional): Add an optional custom ID to the position.

Short Description of Tasks: Add an optional description of guard tasks for the position.

Schedule Memo: For use with the TrackTik Scheduling Module.

Status: The status of the position. Select Active or Archived.


There are three types of requirements that you can select for a position:

Soft Requirements: These are skills or certifications that are preferred, but not required for the position. Officers can be scheduled if they do not meet the Soft Requirements for a shift, but the scheduler will be informed of the discrepancy.

Conditional Requirements: The employee must have at least one of the conditional requirements to work at the position.

Hard Requirements: These are required skills, certifications or permits for a shift. Officers will be blocked from the shift, if they do not possess the credentials defined in the Hard Requirements

Service Dates

Service Duration: Select ongoing or temporary service.

Begin Date: Select a start date.

End Date: You will be prompted to select an end date if the service is temporary.

For other information appearing in the position window, please see the TrackTik BackOffice User Manual.

Note: See Skills and Attributes section to know how to set the skills to populate the list for the requirements.

Please refer to this article to learn more about position billing settings.

Click Save

Position Change

By activating the Position Change feature at the site, you can allow the guard to change positions during a shift. To activate the feature, go to the site > Security and Patrol > On Site Features and switch the slider to the on position.

Activating this feature adds an icon to the home screen in the guard's mobile application to change the position.

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