1.16 Dispatch Workflows: Configure a Workflow

Updated May 11, 2020

You can configure workflows to fit the needs of your business. You can automate certain tasks to save time.

To configure a workflow:

Click the Configure button to configure a new workflow or edit the configuration of an existing workflow.

Status nodes represent steps in a workflow. Follow the steps to create status nodes.

Click on the Add a Status Node button.

Fill out the information.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Status Label: The name of the node. This will be visible to dispatchers and officers when viewing the status of the job.

Status ID: Typically, this is status name with underscores ("_") instead of space.  This ID used in the system back end, and space characters are not supported. 

Note: For the first status in any workflow, make sure to check the "Set as Initial Status" checkbox. This will be the default status for every new job.

Click on the Save button to create the status node.

Repeat this process until every status is listed in the table.

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