1.6 Mobile Dispatch: New Location Dispatch

Updated May 11, 2020

Select this option to dispatch to a location that is not already saved.

Note: Any time an account is not found by doing a search, the dispatcher can select the [+] to create a new location. This information will transfer the New Address for dispatching.

New Address: Click on this link to enter a new dispatch address.

Address Search: Type the address of the location. If found a dropdown will appear for the dispatcher to select. This will fill out all the required fields except for Company Name.

Company Name: Enter the company name.

Address Line 1: The address that will be dispatched to.

City: The city of the address.

Country: The country of the address.

State / Province: The State / Province of the address.

Zip / Postal Code: The zip / postal code of the address.

Click the Set Address button.

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