2.5 Dispatch Requests

Updated Apr 06, 2020

View dispatch requests to the site. You can also initiate a request for service from this area.

  1. Initiate a new request for service.
  2. Filter the list of requests by status. Select from opened, closed, or all statuses.
  3. Name of the report template.
  4. Time and date when the request was initiated.
  5. Name and address of the site
  6. Text box to search and filter the list of tickets.
  7. Status of the ticket according to the workflow.
  8. Date and time of the last action on the ticket.
  9. Employee assigned to the ticket.
  10. Click this button to view the report.
  11. Click this button to view the ticket in greater detail.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. General information about the dispatch request
  2. Enter comments or notes
  3. The form the guard filled out when handling the request. Click edit to edit the report.
  4. Dispatch notes, with the current status.

Click on the clock to see details about the workflow nodes.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Enter search terms to filter the list of statuses.
  2. The status or workflow node.
  3. The user who handled the task within the node.
  4. Time and date stamp of the status node.

Click on the pen and paper to view the transition reports.

If transition reports were filed by guards as they move from node to node, they will appear here. Transition reports can be configured in dispatch workflow settings.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
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