2.2 Reports

Updated Apr 06, 2020

View and edit reports that have been created and filed by guards, dispatchers or administrators.

  1. The unique ID number of the report.
  2. The name of the report template.
  3. Flags:
    1.    view the last GPS position of the guard.
    2. view the site location from which the report was filed.
    3.  view the incident category associated with the report.
  4. Date: The date and time stamp for when the report was created.
  5. Reported By: The name of the person who filed the report.
  6. Account: Site name.
  7. PDF Button: Click this button to view a PDF of the report.
  8. View: Click this button to view the report. You can also edit the report from within this button.

Use the fields at the top of the screen to sort and filter the list of reports.

  1. Filter by report type.
  2. Filter by reports with incident categories.
  3. View reports that were filed within a specific date range.
  4. Enter an incident type to filter for reports with that incident type.
  5. Enter a search term to search for reports that meet that criteria.
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