1.1 The Dashboard

Updated Apr 09, 2020

The dashboard is the first feature you see when you log in. The dashboard provides a 360 degree view of your operations.

You will find links to the various areas of the client portal on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Live Dashboard: The landing page when you log into the portal.

Reports: View and modify reports that guards have completed.

Documents: View documents that have been uploaded and linked to the site.

Recordings: View videos taken by guards in the field.

Dispatch/Requests: Works with the TrackTik Mobile Plus module. View dispatch requests for your site or sites.

Incident Analytics: View data on incidents that occurred at your site or sites.

Custom Analytics: Build custom charts and reports.

Daily Shift Reports: See reports of each shift each guard worked at a site.

GPS Tracks: See the locations and activities of guards on a map for selected time periods.

Checkpoints Scan Logs: View the dates, times and locations of checkpoint scans.

Tours Logs: See the dates, times, locations and details for tours.

Tour Schedules: See the dates and times of scheduled tours.

Visitor Management: Use this feature to monitor visitors, and check them in and out of the site.

Post Orders: See the post orders at the site or sites.

Security Employees: View a list of employees at your site or sites.

Message Board: View and post message to the site message board.

Employee Schedule: Works with the TrackTik scheduling module.

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