4.3 Onsite: Clock in Using an Onsite License

Updated Jan 04, 2021

Articles where "onsite" appears in the heading, and that describe onsite license functionality require an onsite license to be usable.

Guards using an onsite license can clock in and out for shifts and breaks just like they can when using a mobile device.

Follow the steps below to clock in using the on-site license.

From the On-Site tile, select the Site Access option.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

The guard will see the list of sites to which they are assigned. You will also see whether those accounts are sites or zones.

Click the Clock In button to clock into the site.

Confirm that you would like to clock in.

The system will ensure you are clocking-in at at the site where you are scheduled. If you are trying to clock-in at a different location than where you are scheduled, you will get an error message that tells you you are scheduled at a different location.

If the employee is not scheduled anywhere, the system will generate an unplanned shift and allow the guard to clock in. The same will occur if you are not using Scheduling in TrackTik.

Once a guard has clocked into a site, he or she can clock out, start a break or leave the site. The guard can also write reports from the on-site license.

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