3.33 Onsite: Schedules

Updated Dec 05, 2020

Articles where "onsite" appears in the heading, and that describe onsite license functionality require an onsite license to be usable.

For managers and supervisors, it is possible to prepare a schedule from within a site using an on site license. This way, supervisors and managers can prepare schedules only for sites and employees for which they are in charge.

Go to the Schedules tab within the site.

Click the Prepare button to prepare the schedule.

View Your Own Schedule

To view your own schedule in an onsite license, click the Schedule tile.

  1. Scroll forward or backward using the arrow buttons.
  2. Filter by month, week or day by clicking the appropriate buttons.

From here, preparing a schedule using an on site license is the same as preparing any other schedule. Please see the TrackTik Back Office User Manual for step-by-step instructions on how to prepare a schedule and for more information on scheduling processes.

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