2.21 Mobile App: Checkpoints Tours

Updated Jan 12, 2021

Tours are collections of checkpoints that can be scheduled. All scanning options are available for checkpoints within a tour, including requiring reports, asking yes or no questions, and asking yes or no questions, confirming a range, asking multiple questions, etc. All checkpoint types are also available for tours.

View Scheduled Tours

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Follow the steps below to view tour schedules at a site or zone.

  1. Tap on the Checkpoints icon.
  2. Select the Tour Schedules option.
  3. Tap on a tour to perform it.

Note: Information about a tour will be displayed below the tour. Tours are also color coded by status.  A late tour will have the red caution symbol next to the name of the tour. Each tour listed will also show when the tour was last performed and the name of the officer that performed the tour.

Tours that are scheduled to begin in the future will have the blue information circle symbol next to them.

A tour that is late, but that can still be completed, will show in yellow.

Start a Tour

You will receive an alert when a tour is scheduled to begin. The alerts are off-line compatible. This means that you will be alerted even if not connected to data or wifi.

To perform a tour:

  1. Tap the checkpoints icon from the home screen.
  2. Select Start a Tour.
  3. Select the tour you would like to perform.
  4. Scan the checkpoints according to type (NFC, barcode, GPS).
  5. Once you have scanned all checkpoints, tap the Finish Tour button.
  6. If you select Finish tour before you have scanned all checkpoints, you will be required to enter a reason for ending the tour early.

Note: If a checkpoint is required, it means the scan is required. If a guard scans the checkpoint but does not complete the tasks within the checkpoint, he will still be able to close the tour when done. This is because the checkpoint has been scanned. The color of the status of that checkpoint within that tour will be yellow instead of green.

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