2.13 Sign-in to a Site and/or Navigate to a Site

Updated Jun 30, 2020

The Sites icon will provide officers access to a list of sites in their zone. If the device has permission to access other zones, you will also see the option to access other zones in the site list. The zones are labeled as "Zone:" + the name of the zone. To sign-in to a different site follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Sites icon.
  2. From the site list select the site you would like to sign-in to.
  3. Select Sign in to Site if you would like to access the site on the device. Once you have signed-in to a site, all the information on the mobile device will update for that site.  Reports, post orders, emergency contacts, tours and checkpoints will all update to show the correct information for that site.
  4. You can use the Navigate to Site option to access directions to the site.

Please see this article regarding signing into sites when mobile application restrictions have been configured.

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