1.35 Mobile App: How to Configure an NFC Token for Login (Android Guard Tour)

Updated Jan 12, 2021

Note: This feature has been deprecated.

The team icon is permission based and might not be available to all officers. This icon allows the users to configure an NFC item (commonly a token or keychain) with the login credentials for an officer. Once the NFC item has been configured, an officer may place the NFC item against the device to bypass part of the login process.

Configure a New NFC Card or Keychain

NFC cards, keychains or even tokens can be configured as sign-in tokens for officers. Once you configure one of these items the officer will be able to login into the mobile application using their NFC item rather than a username and password. To configure NFC sign-in follow the steps below.

  1. Select the Team icon.
  2. Select the officer that will be using the NFC sign-in item.
  3. From the pop-up menu select the "Configure Card or Keychain" option. Note that you also have the ability to call any officers that have a phone number listed in their employee profile.
  4. Ensure that your NFC is turned on. Then place the device over the card or keychain to write the item.

Using an NFC Item

Using an NFC Item

When officers sign-in using an NFC item, they will need to provide their PIN after scanning the sign-in item. The PIN can be configured on the mobile device in Settings > Change PIN.

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