1.28 Mobile App: Using The Message Board

Updated Jan 12, 2021

The message board is like a community bulletin board for a site or zone. Like a traditional message board, you can post messages for anyone working at the site.  

The message board provides information that is more event-driven or temporary. These typically include information about events or situations occurring at the site.

  1. Click on the Message Board icon.
  2. The pop-up menu allows officers to filter messages by viewing All Messages or only the messages they have not been acknowledged in New Messages. 
  3. Click on the New Messages option to view unacknowledged messages.

Note: New Messages will include any message that has not been archived by the officer. Each message has a color bar on the left-hand side. A red color bar indicates that themessage has not been acknowledged. 

The green bar marks messages that have been acknowledged by the officer. Click on a message to change the status of the message.

  1. Acknowledge a message with the Acknowledge option or select Acknowledge andarchive to acknowledge and remove the message from the active list. This will make themessage only accessible under All Messages.
  2. Once the message has been acknowledged the color bar will change from red to green.

For more information on the regional heirachy of the message board, please see the TrackTik Guarding Suite User Manual.

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