1.19 Mobile App: How To Set Up Checkpoints

Updated Jun 18, 2020

TrackTik supports NFC, bar code and GPS checkpoints. Administrators can set up each type of checkpoint using the mobile device. Guards will be able to scan each type of checkpoint with the mobile device.

To begin configuring checkpoints:

  • Click on the Checkpoints icon.
  • Select the View All Checkpoints option.

Follow the steps below to configure the checkpoints.

NFC Tokens: NFC tokens are configured by placing the device over the top of the NFC token. ​Once you have scanned the NFC checkpoint, the NFC token will be associated with that checkpoint.

Note: Starting from iPhone 8 and above using OS 13 and above, you can write NFC tags on an iPhone

Barcodes: To set up a barcode checkpoint, select the Setup barcode Checkpoint option. Once you have scanned a barcode, the barcode will be associated that checkpoint.

Note: The NFC antenna is located in a specific spot on the device. In some cases, it may be necessary to move the device over the top of the NFC token to scan it.


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