1.5 Onsite: Manager Dashboard

Updated Dec 04, 2020

Articles where "onsite" appears in the heading, and that describe onsite license functionality require an onsite license to be usable.

The manager dashboard is a staff-level set of roles and permissions that allows supervisors to manage only the sites and employees assigned to them.

These permissions include:

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

General Access: This option gives the user access to the Manager Dashboard when logged in with an onsite license.

View The Map And Track Panels: This gives the user access to the Map And Track Panel on the dashboard.

View Dashboard Reports: This option gives access to the reports dashboard within the site.

View Shift Reports: This option gives the user access to the shift reports generated for each site employee.

View The Tours: This provides the user access to the tours dashboard from within the site.

View The Patrol Dashboard Checkpoint Section: This should be checked if you would like to view both checkpoints and tours. Un-checking this option hides the Patrol Tours menu completely.

View The Patrol Dashboard Recording Section: View watch mode recordings created by guards in the field.

View The Exceptions Tab: This is a list of system exceptions triggered by certain events such as missed shifts, inactive mobile users, late lone worker check-ins, and panic button triggers.

Broadcast Messages and Use The Remote Tasks: This option grants the user access to remote tasks from the dashboard.



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