1.4 Onsite: Dashboard Overview and Options

Updated Sep 29, 2020

Articles where "onsite" appears in the heading, and that describe onsite license functionality require an onsite license to be usable.

From the Dashboard, guards can view real-time site activity, view scheduled tours at the site, view site contacts, recordings and check client portal access.

Depending on your permission level, you will see various tiles on the main dashboard.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Clocked-In Via Mobile: This tile shows a count of employees who are currently clocked in on a mobile device.

Inactive Mobile User: The tile shows a count of how many users are clocked in but have not taken any actions for a pre-set amount of time. This value can be set by a portal administrator.

Expiring Skills: This is a count of the number of skills set to expire within a pre-set number of days. This value can be set by a portal administrator

Scheduled Shifts: The number of shifts scheduled to be worked today.

Late Shifts: The number of scheduled shifts for today.

Once you log into a site, you will see various dashboard options.

Live Feed: Get a real-time summary of everything going on at your site or sites.

Scheduled Tours: Get a list of upcoming scheduled tours at your sites.


Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Site Contacts: See a list of contacts associated with the site. With sufficient permissions, you can add or edit contacts.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Recordings: View a list of video interventions by guards in the field. You view the each recording, download, or, with sufficient permissions, delete recordings.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Portal Access: Manage client portal access for the site.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Assigned Employees: View a list of assigned employees. With sufficient permissions, you can also add, modify and remove employees.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Time Sheets: View the time sheets for each employee and add or modify approved time, or billing or pay overrides.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Left Menu Options

My profile: View your own demographic information.

Schedule: View scheduling-related information, such as your current schedule, time sheets showing past shifts, and the shift board, where you can select vacant shifts to cover.

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