8.41 Schedules & Attendance: Roll the Template

Updated Jan 12, 2021

To better manage many shifts, there is an option that will apply the Template to the site with up-to-date information but without making it public. This will help you finalize your Schedule.

This option is called “Rolling the Template” and will help you validate the schedule for:

Potential Conflict:  If there is a conflict of schedule for an employee part of your template, the shift will become vacant and a yellow triangle of warning will appear. Hovering over that triangle will let you know why this shift became vacant.

Overtime: A red square displaying the amount of OT (Over-Time) hours for the shift will appear for each employee part of your template, if applicable.

Time-Off: If time off requests have been submitted by employees that are part of your template, just like a schedule conflict, the shift will become vacant with a yellow warning triangle.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Back Office Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Note: The Roll Templates button will only appear if Template validation is required before publishing. That will allow the Scheduler to plan for every adjustment before publishing. Publishing makes the schedule available to employees.

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