8.27 Schedules & Attendance: Introduction to Schedule Templates

Updated Jan 13, 2021

The next step in the scheduling process involves creating Schedule Templates. Templates can be created and followed by Site (Client), Zone and Departments. You can set up weekly, bi-weekly and custom length schedules in TrackTik. The most common scenario are weekly schedules.

These are the basic steps involved in scheduling:

  • Create a Template
    • Choose the right Settings
    • Assign Officers to the Site
    • Create Recurring Shifts
    • Assign Recurring Officers to Shifts
    • Manually confirm Template
  • Switch to the Schedule
    • Create Ad-Hoc Items
    • Assign Vacant Shifts
    • Roll the Schedule to confirm
    • Publish the Schedule in the platform
    • Distribute the Schedule to Officers

The following sections describe how to perform each of those steps.

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