8.16 Security & Patrol: Mobile App Restrictions

Updated Oct 26, 2020

Mobile App Restrictions allow you to block guards from accessing the site on the mobile application under certain conditions.

Follow the steps below to add mobile app restrictions.

  1. Select the Security and Patrol tab in the site.
  2. Click on Mobile App restrictions.
  3. Select the desired options from the drop-down lists.

Geofence Clock-in Restrictions:

No GPS Restrictions: Guards can log in from any GPS location.

Permit clock-in and open a system exception when not in range: Guards can clock in when out of range, but a system exception will be opened.

Block when not in range: Guard will not be able to log in when not in range of the geo-fence.

If 'Block when not in range' has been selected, and there is an officer scheduled at the site, and attempts to log in which outside of the geo-fence area, the guard will receive the following message:

You are scheduled to work at a different site, {Site Name}. Please sign into this account before starting your shift.

Mobile App Login Restrictions

User Default: Settings accessible under the Settings tile>General>View All>Mobile App Login Restrictions will apply

Not Restricted by Account: Users can log into the site on the mobile app regardless of whether they are assigned to the account.

Must be assigned to account: The user must be assigned to the account in order to log in to the site on the mobile application.

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