8.8 Skills and Attributes: Introduction

Updated May 08, 2020

Skills and attributes are abilities or things that employees possess. Some examples include uniforms, certifications or language abilities. Skills and attributes can be added as requirements to work any position. You can also track expiring skills and attributes in the system. This is useful in the case of certifications and permits.

  • Hover over the tile labeled Employees.
  • Click the button labeled Skills & Attributes.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

The page will load, and you will be able to click on New Attribute / Skill.

Fill out the appropriate fields.

Category: Choose between 6 different options (Diplomas, Trainings and Special Skills, Languages, Licenses & Permits, Memberships, Prior Career Skills and Uniforms

Description: Enter the name/description of the Skill (i.e firearm permit, driver’s license, English, Spanish)

Show Date Field: Enter an expiration date for the permit or certification

Show Text Field: Add an ID or request more information about the skill

Show Text Field (Other): Add more information about the skill

Click Save to complete the creation of the Skill or attribute.

Note: Any skills or attributes you assign to an employee will be visible in that employee's file.

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