6.11 Receivables

Updated Jul 30, 2020

Outstanding Invoices

This screen gives you the flexibility to view paid and unpaid invoices, filter by invoices that are past due, and view and manage invoices in any status.

Number: The unique invoice number.

Type: The type of invoice.

  • Recurr: A recurring invoice generated from a contract.
  • Ad Hoc: An invoice that you created and that is not based on a contract.

ClientID: The unique id of the customer.

Subtotal: The subtotal of the invoice.

Tax: Taxes applied to the invoice.

Total: Total of the invoice.

Balance: The unpaid balance of the invoice.

Distribution: The method with which the invoice was sent to the client and the date it was sent.

Status: The status of the invoice.

  • Draft: The invoice is a draft and has not yet been finalized.
  • Approved: The invoice has been approved, but not yet sent to the client.
  • Approved and Distributed: The invoice has been approved and has been sent to the client.

Approve: This column will be empty if the invoice has been approved. If the invoice has not been approved, a green approve button will appear in this column.

Invoice Date: The date the invoice was generated.

Due Date: The date by which the client must pay based on the invoice date and the customer’s terms.

Aging: The number of days that have elapsed without payment.

Aging: The aging category or range into which the unpaid invoice falls.

View Button: View the invoice.

Pay Button: Apply a payment to the invoice.

Edit Button: Edit the invoice.

Red X Button: Remove the invoice.

Note: Removing an invoice does not remove or close a contract. An invoice can always be re-generated for the period.

You can filter the information in this screen by the following criteria:

  • Date range
  • Approval status
  • Payment status
  • Other criteria


This screen contains information about payments you have entered against invoices.

Date: The date the payment was entered.

Invoice: The invoice number against which the payment was made.

Client: The name of the client.

Amount: The amount of the payment.

Note: If it is a credit, the amount will show in parenthesis to indicate a negative amount.

Method: The method of payment used for the payment.

Memo: The text of the invoice memo, if any.

Added By: The name of the user who entered the payment.

Note: You can filter payments by date range.

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