6.5 Billing: Prepare an Invoice

Updated Jan 12, 2021

Once all errors have been cleared proceed to Prepare your invoice. From the preview screen, you will have access to other options, which will bring you through the final steps of the Invoice creation process.

To prepare an invoice, click the Billing tab, and select Prepare Invoice from the menu.

  1. Filter by Region
  2. Filter the list of invoices by Attention Required (To Prepare, Drafts, Not Approved, or Not Distributed), All, To Prepare, Draft and Canceled.
  3. Filter by how often invoices are generated.
  4. Filter by invoices that are flagged for review or not flagged for review.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome
  1. Filter by Date.
  2. Filter by search criteria you enter.
Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Click on the Prepare button next to any invoice listed as Ready to Process. 

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Back Office Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

The same menu is accessible once you click on one of the four buttons or the prepare button.

Depending on the status of the invoice, a pop-up window will open with a pre-selected choice.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Back Office Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

Create & Edit:  Allows you to edit the invoice.

Create & Preview: Preview the invoice in PDF format.

Create & Approve: Put the invoice in the Approved status. - An Approved Invoice cannot be edited

Create & Approve & Distribute: Put the invoice in the Approved & Distributed status.

You can also go to View All Invoices to approve and distribute invoices.

Follow this path: Dashboard > Billing > View All Invoices

At any time, you can also preview and print an invoice.

545 - Google Chrome

To remove the Amount Enclosed field, you may turn off the Accounts Receivable by going to:

  1. Settings
  2. Features
  3. Accounts Receivable
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