2.17 Patrols: Analytic Dashboard

Updated May 11, 2020

The Analytic Dashboard shows details on the Runsheets, job types and percentage of patrols completed. 

Data can be exported into a PDF, allowing for reports that you can share with your sales and account managers. When you run reports from the Mobile Dispatch tab it includes all clients. If you’d like details on a specific client, you can filter for that client or run the analytics from the site level.

When you click on an icon on the left-hand side, you can filter the analytics view by the selected criteria. The view you select will shown in comparison to another criteria.

  1. Job Type
  2. Billing Status
  3. Date
  4. Route Position
  5. Account
  6. Patrol Status
  7. User/Reporter
  8. Month
  9. Year/Month
  10. Day of Week
  11. Runsheet
  12. Regional Office

After you have selected and initial criteria, you can add more filters using the drop down menus across the top.


  1. Primary filter criteria
  2. Secondary filter criteria
  3. Grouping Criteria: Select from patrol count, revenue, sum of driving time, driving time average, sum of on site time, average on site time, sum of extra minutes on site, sum total time (driving time to completion), average total time driving to completion.
  4. Status: Completed, Not Completed, or All.
  5. Region: Select the region.
  6. Billing Status: Select from Canceled, Not Canceled, Approved, To Review, or All Billing Status.
  7. Date: Select the time period.
  8. Print: Print a PDF of the analytic dashboard.
  9. Print Current View: Print only the current view of the Analytic Dashboard.
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