2.16 Patrols: Runsheets Overview

Updated May 11, 2020

  • Provides: name, position and when patrols are scheduled to begin and end. 
  • Status of patrol progress. 
  • The officer assigned to the patrol.
  • Use the Info button to see further details of each of the individual patrols. These link to the completed reports.
  • If the Runsheet is presently in progress, the Continue button will be visible. 
  • If currently scheduled to begin it can be started from a Browser by selecting the Start button.

Note: Runsheets that are scheduled, either in the past or the future, will not have an option to available to start or continue them. 

Note: Runsheets support multiple concurrent users. The first officer to login to the Runsheet will be listed but the individual jobs will indicate who completed each of the patrols and its associated report.

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