2.3 Patrols: Jobs and Service Types

Updated May 11, 2020

Create new Jobs / Service Types

To create a new Job or Service Type:

Click the Settings tile.

Under Operation Configurations, select Jobs / Service Types. The Jobs / Service Types panel loads, listing all the existing job types.

Click on the Create New button in upper left corner.

Enter the required details requested in the pop up that loads.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Description: Name to represent the Job/Service type.

Prefix code: Code for dispatch task.

Details: Description of the Job/Service type.

Report Template: Assign a default Report Template.

Dispatchable: Select only if the Job/Service type will be used for Dispatchable tasks. Not required.

Schedulable (Runsheet): Select for the Job/Service type to be available to be assigned to Runsheets.

Billable Item: For billing purposes. Not required.

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