2.1 Patrols: Creating A Runsheet

Updated May 11, 2020

How to create a Runsheet:

Select the Mobile Dispatch tab from the Live Dashboard.

Under the Settings heading, select the Zone Settings option.

From the Select a Zone drop down list, select the Zone in which the runsheet will be created.

Click on the button labeled Create Runsheets. 

A window will open prompting you to enter specific data regarding the Runsheet.

Enter details to be applied to the Runsheet:

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Position / Unit: Select the from the drop-down list. 

Start Time: Enter the runsheet start time.

End Time: Enter the runsheet end time.

Custom Description: Enter the name or description of the runsheet.

Select the days for which you need this Runsheet.

Click Save.

The Runsheet will now be listed in the Runsheet panel list.

Once your runsheet is created, you will be able to assign jobs to it. This graphic shows the relation between jobs and runsheets.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Mobile Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome
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