13.2 Regions: Region Message Board

Updated Sep 14, 2020

Region Message Board

The Region Message Board feature allows you to post messages to a region so they appear at other levels in the hierarchy.

  • Any messages posted will not be visible in the Client Portal.
  • Any messages posted will not be visible for a user with an On-Site License or Device License for a Zone or Site if the message was posted in a Region that is lower than the hierarchy of the Main Region of the user.
  • The region message board header comes from the company name.

In order for messages posted in a region to be posted to sub-regions, the Post To Sub-Regions checkbox must be checked.

Message Board Permissions

Be sure to set the appropriate permission level for the access that users need.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

These graphics show where messages that were posted at the regional level will be visible.

User Manual - IN PROGRESS - Guarding Suite - Google Docs - Google Chrome

To learn more about how to use TrackTik's message board feature at sites, please refer to this article. To find out about how to use the message board at the zone, please refer to this article.

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