TrackTik Feature Release Note - September 2017

Updated Apr 11, 2020

What's New

Overtime Enhancements

  • Overtime Displayed on Shift Tiles
  • Shift Tiles Show Overtime Hours
  • Breakdown of Regular Hours and Overtime Hours
  • Summary of Hours by Region
  • Designating A Shift as Time Off
  • Overtime Hours Now Display in The Employee Summary Page

Improved ‘’Admin Eyes Only’’ Reports And ‘’View Admin Eyes Only’’ Permissions

Staff Scheduling Requests

  • Shift Board Requests Now Visible in The Schedules & Attendance Dashboard
  • Shift Board Request Approval
  • Ability to Enable and Disable the Shift Board Feature
  • Shift Board Permissions

Report Improvements

  • Employee Filter Added to The Summary by Shift Page
  • Report Notification Rule Now Recorded
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