What are the Map Icons?

Updated May 15, 2020

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The dashboard has been updated to provide better visibility into your field operations. Some of the updates include:

  1. Map Icons: The icons on the map provide a quick visual reference as to the officer's assignment.
  2. Device / Timekeeping Icons: These icons provide visibility into the officers current status (clocked-in/out) as well as the type of device the officer is using.
  3. Tile Information: The push messaging options window now shows the officer's most recent activities.

Description of Map Icons

Description of Map Icons

Description of Device / Officer Status Icons

Description of Device / Officer Status Icons

The Guard Tour application is the mobile application available on any Android device. Officers using the Guard Tour application are clocked in using a mobile device.

The On-Site application can be accessed from any device via web browser. This means the officer is currently using a tablet or, more often than not, a computer at the site.

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