7.1 Mobile App: Reports

Updated May 12, 2020

Some reporting features are accessible only with adequate permissions. The ability to view or edit existing reports is an example of one such functionality. Guards can fill out the reports by completing fields that consist of drop-down lists, radio buttons, text entry and diagrams.

To fill out a report:

  1. Tap the Reports and Logs icon.
  2. Select Create a Report.
  3. Fill in the fields

Once the fields are filled out, tap the Send button.

Browse Existing Reports

Follow the steps below to view existing reports at a site or zone.

  1. Click on Browse Site Reports. This option will also allow you to modify existing reports.
  2. Select the option to either view your own reports or view all reports. 
  3. Select the option to view or edit the selected report.
  4. Select the field(s) you would like to edit.
  5. Tap the Send button.
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