Mobile App: How to Perform Tours / Scan Checkpoints

Updated May 11, 2020

Tours can be performed randomly, or they may follow a schedule. Tours can be located either at the site level, or at the zone level. A notification will appear on the mobile device when a scheduled tour is due to be performed.

Checkpoints can be scanned in any order and may be an NFC token, barcode or GPS location. 

NFC will automatically scan. Barcode and GPS options need to be triggered by clicking the appropriate button. ​

Note: Options presented in the  checkpoint menu will differ based on the permission level of the user. 

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

For example, admins will have the ability to write checkpoints, whereas officers can only scan checkpoints. ​

  1. Start a tour (View active tour): Access the list of tours available for a site. This is the option officers will select to start a tour during their shift or return to an active tour.
  2. View Scheduled Tours: View the list of scheduled tours for a site. ​
  3. View All Checkpoints: View a list of all checkpoints available at a location. Admins will select this option to write checkpoints.
  4. Scan a Barcode: Use this option to scan a bar code checkpoint.
  5. GPS Scan: Scan a GPS checkpoint.
  6. Reload Settings:If new checkpoints are added or modified during while an officer is clocked-in, the officer may need to Reload Settings to get the list of updated checkpoints and tours. ​
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