7.18 Billing: All Patrols Groups

Updated Jul 01, 2020

This screen displays a list of patrol groups for all sites. To learn more about patrol groups and how to set them up, please see this article.

Account: The site with which the patrol group is associated.

Group Name: The name of the patrol group.

Charge Type: Description of how services are billed for this patrol group.

Rate: The rate charged for this patrol group.

Holiday: The amount billed per patrol on designated holidays.

Weekly: The number of patrols in the group that occur on a weekly basis.

Warnings: Any warnings associated with patrols in this group.

Range: The beginning and end dates of the patrol group.

View Tour Dates Button: Opens a screen that provides billing information about patrols that fall between specific dates.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Edit: Edit the patrol group.

Set Up Patrols: Click this button to set up patrol hits at specific sites.

Red X Button: Delete the patrol group.

Note: For more information about patrol groups, please see the TrackTik Guarding Suite user manual.

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