12.2 Lone Worker: Configuration

Updated May 08, 2020

Follow the steps below to activate the Lone Worker feature.

  1. Click the Settings tile to access the list of features.
  2. Select the Features option.
  3. Activate the Call-In Punch System option.

Click the Configure button.

Click the button to get an interactive number.

Fill in the fields.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Enter a 3-digit area code: Enter the desired area code for the call-in number

Default Language: Enter the default language of the prompts.

Description (Optional): Enter an optional name or description for the Lone Worker call-in number.

Click the Save button.

In the site, access security and patrol>onsite features. Slide the Lone Worker Mobile Icon setting to On.

The lone worker setup tab will then be visible in the site.

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