2.36 Schedules & Attendance: Proposal Queue

Updated Jul 03, 2020

When you log a call to offer a shift to an officer, it will automatically appear in the proposal queue. The proposal queue allows you to manage all your proposals at the same time to make sure they are handled in a timely fashion.

Access the proposal queue by following this path:

Dashboard > Schedules & Attendance > Proposal Queue

Click the View button corresponding to the right shift proposal and get access to all the information you need.

  1. Type: If the proposal was by SMS, a mobile device icon will show in this column. If by phone, a phone icon will appear.
  2. Proposals: The number of proposals for the shifts.
  3. Day: The day of the shift.
  4. Start Date: The start date of the shift.
  5. Time: Start time of the shift.
  6. Position: The name of the site and position.
  7. Status: The status of the shift.
    • Green: Accepted. The guard accepted the shift.
    • Yellow: Pending. Proposal is pending an answer.
    • Red: Refused. The guard refused the proposal, or
    • Failed/Expired. Time ran out to accept the proposal.
  8. View the additional shift information, as well as the list of officers it was offered to and the Status of their response.
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