2.35 Schedules & Attendance: Unconfirmed Shifts

Updated May 09, 2020

The Unconfirmed Shifts section works that same way the Vacant Shifts section does, only for shifts that have not been acknowledged by your officers. 

Begin by locating all the unconfirmed shifts. They can be accessed by clicking on the Unconfirmed Shifts button:

Dashboard > Schedules & Attendance > Unconfirmed Shifts

From there, click on the view shifts button for the employee you wish to look at.

Select the Officer(s) to Receive the Offer

Once the employee has been selected, the information for all the unconfirmed shifts will appear below the original list.

There you can either get access to the same Shift edit options as above or send a reminder email to the guard. You can also acknowledge the shift for the guard by clicking the Acknowledge button.

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