2.27 Schedules & Attendance: Update the Schedule

Updated Jul 30, 2020

You can modify a Schedule once it has been published and distributed. However, it will be necessary to distribute the changes to the schedule again. Rather than resending the entire schedule, the system will prompt you to send only updates for the shifts that have been modified since the schedule was originally distributed.

The Notify Changes button will only appear if there is a need to send updates to officers. You can access the Notify Changes button here:

Dashboard > Schedules & Attendance > Schedule Preparation section

Follow the steps below to notify employees of schedule changes.

  1. Click on the Notify Changes button, next to the Distribute Schedules button. 
  2. Select and confirm the date range for the updated shifts. 
  3. All modifications in the date range shown in the dialogue box (4 weeks from the current date) will be distributed once you click on the Save button.
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