2.15 Schedules & Attendance: Assign Officers to the Site, Zone or Department

Updated Jul 30, 2020

Officers must be assigned to a site to be eligible to work shifts scheduled at the site. Be sure to verify that all the officers at this site are presently assigned and available in the list provided on the right-hand side of the screen.

Follow the steps below to register an employee to the site, they are not already assigned to the site.

  1. Click on the Assign Employee button 
  2. Begin typing the name of the officer. 
  3. Select the officer from the drop-down menu as it begins to populate. If the officer's pay is subject to change based on the post they work at the site, click on the checkbox Overwrite employee pay rate at this site.
  4. Click the Save button and confirm that the selected officer now appears in the list to the right. 

Continue this process for each employee that will be working at the site.

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