8.2 Break Management: Enable Break Management

Updated May 09, 2020

To use break management, enable the feature as an administrator. Follow the steps below to do so.

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  1. From your portal, choose Settings > Roles & Security.
  2. Under the Roles / Permissions tab, expand the roles under the Admin Portal Roles and click Administrator. The list of permissions is displayed on the right.
  3. Expand the Break Management folder to display the options.
  4. Select from the following to enable Break Management:
    • View break rule: Allows user to access the Break Management menu and view the list of active Break Rules (no other actions can be performed, here it is a read-only). This setting is mandatory.
    • Create break rule: Allows the user to view and add rules and associate positions.
    • Edit break rule: Allows the user to edit existing break rules including conditions, associating and dissociating positions and rename the break rule.
    • Deactivate break rule: Allows the user to deactivate break rules
    • View work exception: Allow the user to display break exceptions during scheduled breaks.
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