Updated Mar 09, 2020

The Overview section provides quick access to critical data. Each of the options in the Overview section provides a high-level view of scheduling data.

Access this section by following this path:

Dashboard > Schedules & Attendance > Overview Section

Live Schedule:  The Live Schedule provides an overview of schedules at sites, zones and departments. You can also perform many scheduling functions from here.

Dashboard: The scheduling dashboard provides a high-level overview of scheduling exceptions and general information about scheduled shifts and attendance.

Schedule Overview:  View calendar of all scheduled shifts including all officers and all sites.

Employee Settings: Provides access to all employees and their related information including name, title, pay type and as well as listing if they’re employee or contractor. In addition, provides their main contact number in the Employee Settings panel. 

Provides access to a calendar view of the selected employee’s schedule or to load their actual schedule allowing for it to be modified on the fly.

The Setting button provides access to the employee’s Settings including their HR profile, Skills & Attributes, schedule availability among other settings. One other feature provided here is the ability to quickly terminate an employee.

Labor Budget P&L: Is an option dedicated to providing insight on Profit & Loss per account and based on payroll hours and billing hours.

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