Vehicle Management

Updated Mar 08, 2020

Creating a vehicle profile allows you to create reports related to the vehicle. This allows officers to keep maintenance records for each patrol vehicle.

Follow the steps below to create vehicle profiles.

Hover over the Dashboard menu on the left side panel, select Vehicle Management.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Select Create Vehicle.

Fill in the appropriate fields and Save once completed.

Operation Dashboard - Google Chrome

Ownership: Select purchased or leased.

Vehicle ID: Enter the internal ID number of the vehicle.

Make: The make of the vehicle.

Model: The model of the vehicle.

Year: The vehicle year of manufacture.

Acquisition/Lease Date: The date you acquired the vehicle.

License Plate: The license plate number of the vehicle.

License Plate State: Select the state or province of registration.

VIN Number: Enter the vehicle identification number.

Color: Enter the color off the vehicle.

Comments/Notes: Notes pertaining to the vehicle.

Picture: Select a picture of the vehicle.

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